Saturday, July 1, 2017

Little Bourke Street - Melbourne (winter 2017).

It was a very cold and wet Thursday night here in Melbourne, and knowing
the rain would bring an energy to the street I decided to get out there.

Typically, I had no plan, I never do, just get off the tram at the city edge and

walk, follow the energy, an energy, whatever that might be, the light, a

movement, a laneway, some flash of colour, a sound, a crowd or a lonely

place – there is life everywhere. Eventually I ended up in Little Bourke

Street, the lights and bustle of Emporium Melbourne catching my attention.

It’s about 6pm and there are people everywhere, I could visualise a

photo here, but it’s up to the randomness of the street, there is no control, no

assistant, just me, a camera and an umbrella. I shot three frames through

the bustle, two with people edging into my foreground on the

street, and then this – a moment in the chaos.

'Three umbrellas on Little Bourke Street'
Melbourne (winter 2017)
Brent Lukey

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